Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Warning: very incomplete, just came up with this song about alcoholism and had to write these lyrics down before I'm off to yoga.

It's a lonely lonely road
It's one you're gonna travel down alone
And it starts down at the corner store
Where you pick up 6 of ya'friends and off you go (oh)
And it ends at the bottom of a bottle
But there's no end, and that is your problem
And when you're numb you know that it got ya

It's the start of another sad, sad-sad day
It's sad, cuz it's starts out the same
One pint, and then you feel okay
A few more and then you're ready to play
Keepin' on, till we cant make-out what you say
You get so mad, you're all filled up with decay
At one point I knew you, now just and extinguished flame...