Monday, February 22, 2010

Thoughts become things....

I often take you with me in my day dreams
With a slight shift in resonance we're a world away
Living off pristine vistas and the new
We're sharing cups of warm laughs in a quaint cafe

Passport stamps are played out
Visas fatigued
And it just so happens we've topped the Seven Summits in under seven minutes
And sailed the 7 seas all Seven days of the week

Yes, just a dream, my inner critic chimes
But my reality transcends manifestation a la grapes to wine

So I dream a dreamer's dream
I hang my coat on ideals
My thoughts on your smile
in this fantasy with wheels
It's errant and without aim
a swift rush between a pause
But yet just a dream....well...just because....

Sometimes I wonder what you think
Where you place your yesterday
Do you blink in the moment; in your dream of today?

Oh my, my musing mind
always losing it's place
But you the constant in my dream to escape....

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