Monday, December 28, 2009

Coming back to feed the blues...

I think the blues is straight up bad-ass. I love it, and since I first started making any semblance of music I've wanted to tear off some sweet blues riffs. It's tough though, really tough.  I can feel it on the inside though, but I cant let it out.  (Catch up left hand! And right hand for that matter.) The good news it that I can definitely *feel* it, like you're supposed to with all music. The blues is easy to feel though, isnt it?  That's what makes it the blues. You can almost anticipate where the sound is going to go, aka call & answer, the best though is when it does something unexpected. Someday, who knows when, hopefully i'll be able to really embellish and throw my own surprises. Until then, I'll just keep doing finger exercise and that pentatonic scale. Both of which I've been doing in between typing these fragmented sentences. The finger exercises are not fun, scales arent that fun either. I just keep telling myself to push through it, to get a little closer to that elusive mastery. Which is to summarize my determination to learn the guitar.

Last spring after I'd decidedly quit the guitar and before I picked it back up. I was talking with some friends about instruments, music, and the like, when "man hours" were referenced. I cant remember the specific context but I think I was gushing about how I marveled at talented musicians. Anyway, that's when a friend referenced another conversation he'd previously had regarding learning an instrument. He said anyone could learn an instrument with 500 hours into it.  Some would obviously learn quicker but if you were willing to spend 500 hours you'd most likely get your head wrapped around it okay. I learned the guitar reciting that convo over and over in my head. I'd hear a faint "500 hours!" "500 hours!" While simultaneously thinking "I wonder how many I've put in so far?" And then wondering "well, I'm progressing, but i wonder if i'm learning as efficiently as possible?" That latter thought is probably why I'm taking a few lessons. Also, Abe at Portland Music insisted I should, citing his lack of doing so as his only regret as someone 100% self-taught.  And since Abe is the main reason I own a Ukulele, we have a bond, (blog to come on that later.)  After all, "500" is doable, but it'd be nice to get better mileage if possible.

I havent read any study on whether 500 hours is accurate in terms of "learning" an instrument. It sounds fair to me though, particularly since we're not really defining the requisites of the measured accomplishment - we're simply saying to "play" the instrument.  Along those same lines, Malcolm Gladwell wrote a book last year called, "Outliers: The story of Success" that came out in November.  I havent read the book, but as I understand it, the underlying theme is that it takes 10,000 hours to reach what most would consider a world class expert in any particular field. Now 10,000 hrs is a long long time, and it will be a lifetime before I'm there. My only consolation is that I'm not expecting to "master" the guitar, but forever accept my role as a student.

We have 8,760 hours each year and almost two thirds of those are spent sleeping or at a job we may hardly enjoy. Then we have that remaing 1/3, or somewhere in the neighborhood of 3000 hours, to do whatever it is we feel like.  And out of that 3000 we all probably spend a lot it looking forward to something or glorifying our rear-view. Facebook status updates are a great indicator of who thinks like that.  How many people have you seen, or maybe you yourself have, put out "cant wait til Friday" or "is it Friday yet?" or "uggghhh... Monday". Not trying to sound overly poetic, but I honestly enjoy everyday.  I mean, sure everyone loves Friday, but there's an opportunity to better ourselves everyday, right?  I think of how many hours I've wasted doing nothing?  Countless.  And while learning the guitar is not something that's going to make me amass traditional wealth, I'm certain the treasures will be worth the voyage.

I'm 27 years old and god willing will be 37 someday.  I have over 87,000 hours until then and so many things to do.  It can be overwhelming.  I wonder if I'll have 10,000 hrs to spare on the guitar.... What is that, 3 hours a night?

Practice Practice Practice


I stayed up late last night rapping over the guitar with BK.  Reconnecting with Brian on a creative level was both long overdue, and sooooo much fun.  We've gotten together in the last few months but havent necessarily put our egos aside and gotten weird.  And weird is good.

I think Brian left at a 12:45am and I woke up for work a brief five hours later, after a restless attempt at a good nights sleep.  The funny thing is I dont even feel tired today, if anything, I feel like I have more energy.  I feel like I'm rejuvenated.  I am rejuvenated, which is to say I have that "alive" feeling - love that. I also have a lot to be thankful for, which brings me to the song we worked on.  Without having a copy of the lyrics in front of me I'll try to loosely recreate them, but moreover just try to write a rap that works in the cadence.

Ya know I've got a lot to be thankful for...

In my health
I've got my wealth
A life with love, no need for stuff, cuz I know that love is enough for me
I've got my fun, my friends, my foes, my lows, my people make one big family
I've got my space, I've got a pace, no time to waste, for life's a race
And I've got my freedom to breathe...Yes...
My freedom to breathe...

I'll put the actual lyrics up here later.... The song's a hit though - for sure!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

On the back of our eyelids

with time an after thought
their still-shot series is shown
muted critics sit amongst fans
and w/ rapidity, view the stills in this still-shot slide show

it's the past, present AND future
Every high voiced through lows
its decored in an omnipresent technicolor with perfect clarity
all seen with eyes closed

every second composed through a million moments
every snapshot suspended in it's own context
we're alive like you were then, screaming "look, No hands!"
with lessons still learned, we're younger again, but we make demands

now with foresight afforded, is our path not the same....?
Can we decipher which components made us stronger, weaker?
does it even matter?
We matter. Yes. and we dont "accept" the inevitable
We are the inevitable and we've already found comfort in ourselves

So now light creeps through the cracks
between eyelashes it replaces the impression
calmness remains and we remain standing with our luggage in hand

every choice we've made is there stacked neatly along the curbs
Picket fences and weedless flower-beds fill out the shadow box neighborhood
every decision yet-to-be loiters up ahead

between the curbs and manicured yards we are
and not intimidated either
We stand and lean in, and smile between hiccuping laughter
The first noble truth was already accepted
and it's accuracy is comical...

Friday, December 11, 2009

Eric's song

This is for my friend Eric Anderson , who is currently off in India fulfilling his karmic duties.  I started it awhile ago, but lost track of it like the other 20-something unpublished blogs I have. In short, I'll say Eric is an inspiration, an artist, a friend and someone I admire.

Take a walk....out by the Ganges
Walk up to the sun, on Himalayan peaks
Talk a walk.....out by the Ganges
Walk up to the sun, on Himalayan peaks


From now 'til your final savasana
An example for all, letting nothing stop ya
Carry on with all your good intentions
As lessons of a past life, roll into retention

No need to cogitate fate
Living breathing meditation
Inspiring me with your revolution revelation

Share your heart, your love, your smile
Your Karma will change the life of a child

Take a walk....out by the Ganges
Walk up to the sun, on Himalayan peaks
Take a walk....out by the Ganges
Walk up to the sun, on Himalayan peaks

Two oceans away - but always at home
Walk tall my friend, for you're never alone
I and I within, divine and proper
(You know) all righteous paths lead back to our father

You, the way, the path
These moments in time quickly become our past

Take a walk....out by the Ganges
Walk up to the sun, on Himalayan peaks
Take a walk....out by the Ganges
Walk up to the sun, on Himalayan peaks

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I got rhythm!

Last night I took my 2nd paid guitar lesson. I've had friends, youtube, books, and the internet show me plenty of things, but last night, and the week before, I popped for my first paid lessons. I found a super cheap guy off of craigslist, $10/hr first lesson and $15/hr thereafter. My instructor Dan's a nice guy, but you get what you pay for, and I didnt pay for Stevie Ray Vaughn. Which is to say he hasnt shown me anything earth shattering, but he's given me a few great technical tips, and has been able to answer my questions regarding song structure, progressions and theory in general. Plus, the steel determination I practiced with in-between lesson 1 and 2, in an attempt to impress him, was definitely worth a few bucks.

So like I said, I practiced with "steel determination" this last week, and it definitely felt like I took a swift step forward. I didnt practice more than I was before, I just practiced more effectively. I did more finger exercises, scales, and worked at changing my index finger position in my bar chords. All categories improved and remain a work in progress. Dan did mention my rhythm, noting I had "excellent rhythm". BK said something to that effect a while ago too. Even before that I would have probably said I have good rhythm, if you asked me. I've always been able to dance, and pickup on a beat in a freestyle, but it was really good to hear it from him. He told me I've got really great natural skills too, (again, very gratifying), and that he'll prolly only be able to give me lessons for a few months b/c I'll surpass him. HA! Needless to say, that last part had me beaming. I really hope I'm able to make progress like that on the guitar, but like I said, he's no Stevie Ray Vaughn.

It made me think though, about focus, something I'm definitely no poster child of. Being able to really focus is such a powerful tool. It is as much of your will, in the smallest place you can fit it.

Anyway, gonna go work on that rhythm a little more before zzzzzzz....

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I'm not sure where I'll end up with this blurb, I'm just setting out to jot down my thoughts.

So I've been really antisocial as of late, and the weird part is, it doesnt bother me at all. But I guess it not bothering me, is actually what gives me some concern, since I know this sort of imbalance isnt healthy. Honestly though, all I want to do is play the guitar. I cant even find my desire to go out and party.

At this time last year I started working on my 2009 New Years Resolutions. I made a worthy list of goals for the year, two of which were; 'Spend 30 minutes, (at least, preferably an hour), by myself everyday,' and another; 'Learn to play the guitar'. Little did I know these two would compliment one another with perfect symmetry in 2009.

I already owned an acoustic guitar as a present from xmas-past, and I picked it up in January. My friend Charlie Dobson started me out with a few chords - G, C, and D, (I think), and so it began. It was a long time (7 mos.) before I even tried to strum the thing. I would reluctantly practice moving between the chords while watching blazer games or something. At this point the guitar was definitely a chore and I one done w/ sparing regularity. Then in late February or early March a friend broke one of my strings, doing what I aspired to, actually playing it. So there my guitar sat for the next 4 months. I even remember Charlie asking me if I was 'wasting his time' - since I'd given up on the guitar so easily. I had again let something small get in my way, much like I had at other times in my life. I could say it was the string, it broke, but in reality it was me getting in my own way. (Note: I took guitar lessons when was 10/11 years old, but quit for baseball, which I then quit a few years later - dammit!)

My reason for resolving to allot alone time for myself, was a good idea. I've spent too much of my time surrounding myself with the party, or being the party. In a sense, distracting myself so I didnt have to deal with myself. Not that I was unhappy, but no matter who you are, a long hard look in the mirror can be revealing, in a good way. When we're left alone, we're never really alone, we all have that inner voice dont we? I know I do, and it's rather vocal, and, if you let it, a great mentor. That voice will ask the hard questions, it's whether or not you listen to it or the radio silence. I liken it to things we're always going to do, or have always wanted to do, but never did. Maybe it's an obscure guilty pleasure, maybe not, maybe it was a sport you werent big enough to try out for, or a girl you were too scared to ask out, or anything else. Now granted there are people who have never experienced that and do exactly what it is they want to do. Those are the lucky ones, and I happen to believe we make our own luck. If everyday you conciously make an effort at something, it will eventualy give - however I digress.

So it wasnt until sometime in June that I picked the guitar back up. Before that I'd been spending my alone time mostly writing, which oddly enough was both one of my 2009 New Years Resolutions, and what led me back to the instrument. That resolution to 'keep writing' mainly pertained to poetry. I first wrote poetry in middle school and always enjoyed it from then on. Though I never read much or wrote much in the next 10 years (a little here and there). Also, I don't think I'm a great writer by any stretch, but I enjoy expressing myself with the literary art form, and that's what it's all about - right? Anyway, I started casually writing poetry again in summer 2008 (with a broken jaw). It started mostly in jest, or I at least disguised it that way, but I enjoyed it - which is why it became an '09 resolution. Fast forward to June 6th and I'm in Corvallis for my little sisters graduation, with my notepad in hand - of course. I wrote my sister a poem for her graduation, one that I liked enough to share (this was pre-blog, which has been an anything goes platform). That night was instrumental in leading me back to the guitar as Brian Krichevsky started putting some music to a few of my poems. We stayed up late drinking and dinking around with the guitar, poems and I think a little free-styling (maybe). Days before this Charlie had put music to one of my poems and this further solidified the resonance I felt. I've always felt comfortable in my own skin, and with that comfortable being a little odd - to put it kindly. This was different though, I was getting comfortable exploring myself. It's one thing to be comfortable in your own skin, but another to go outside of that with the same confidence. Later in the summer someone asked my Mom if I was a "songwriter or a poet" and she laughed - rightfully so. But like we've been told since we were little, you can be whatever or whoever you want, and in that same vein I say; fake it till you make it. So in June I got new strings and promised myself that the rest of my summer leisure time would be spent with the guitar in hand (or nearby).  I was certain that if I did this by summers end I'd be able to play. Well I'm still learning but I can play it, now I need an intervention to stop....seriously though!

My underlying theme for 2009 was to make it the best year yet. More than that, to approach every year like that from then on out. Well time will give perspective to whether or not this year was the best, but I'm fairly certain it will be second only to 2010.

Live in the moment.

I've started shaping my 2010 New Years Resolutions, I'm sure I'll share some on here....


Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Warning: very incomplete, just came up with this song about alcoholism and had to write these lyrics down before I'm off to yoga.

It's a lonely lonely road
It's one you're gonna travel down alone
And it starts down at the corner store
Where you pick up 6 of ya'friends and off you go (oh)
And it ends at the bottom of a bottle
But there's no end, and that is your problem
And when you're numb you know that it got ya

It's the start of another sad, sad-sad day
It's sad, cuz it's starts out the same
One pint, and then you feel okay
A few more and then you're ready to play
Keepin' on, till we cant make-out what you say
You get so mad, you're all filled up with decay
At one point I knew you, now just and extinguished flame...

Sunday, September 27, 2009


I know my ABC's
Look at me, Look at me
I can count to 3
Look at me, Look at me
Dont I look amazing?

Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me

Hands in the air, I am easily angry'd
I know, I know
I know everything
Off I go, Off I go to follow other sheep

Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me

I pound my chest, when I speak
I scream and I yell from a chin so weak.

I know my ABC's
Look at me, Look at me
I can count to 3
Look at me, Look at me
Dont I look amazing?

And you might know, but I can do anything
I'm an expert, the best that you seen
Go on and ask me anyting
I'm for real, that amazing

Guitar tab for this song - it's really simple
o x x x
x 2 x x
x x x x
x x 2 o
x o x x
o x o o

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Stack your Debt

Money Papers line your pockets, you rock-it
Buying up everybling, ya seen - latest fad, you got it.

Not trying to knock it, it's good
so long it's understood,
that it'll never be a dollar that makes you be what you could. (or should)


Every dollar's tied to__ Debt
Never Forget
Worth as much as their silhouette
In context
Wanting money's not a regret
But beset
your true happiness on your content

I want everything, but needing what I know
Always living rich, if you always live to grow
Take it slow, to control, the moment
Finding your purpose, each moment perfect
it is what you make, it is as you have it
so long's it not tragic, be passionate and fabulous
remember living's bliss, dont miss, your chance at a smile, for some it's been awhile
Dont live in denial, be wide eyed at this world, just act like a child, but no single file, play
give away, your debt, be happy, so long to regret's what what I say, but hey, it's just another day, for me...

Every dollar's tied to__ Debt
Never Forget
Worth as much as their silhouettes
In context
Wanting money's not a regret
But beset your happiness on your content

Monday, September 14, 2009

Look up

You got it,

But dont know it

I can see it,

Though it’s stoic

You’ll get there – don’t worry

You’ve gotten up and dressed

Your journey predestined w/ achievement and success

I’m obligated to encourage

Just so you’ll know it

Knowing it is my purpose

No need for heroics

Let go of the rear view

Bright days around the bend

Cruise in behind shades

Riding confidence from within

Tendency to transcend

Thorough your way

Outworking the world

With barely anytime to play

Perhaps best times a memory

On a distant continent

But your best days are ahead

Of that I am confident

Please make this year your year

To be your best one yet

Let go of needless worries

Give up senseless regrets

Reach out beyond grasp

Dream things need not mentioned

Enjoy every last second

Happiness knows no pension

Please try to see

Please just know one thing

Please know that in my world I think you're Amazing


I'll be the bull in your china shop
No Bull

Your optimistic Optimist
Bowl Half Full
Know I can run with the bulls,
Uh oh Torero...
Now where did you go?
Lets shoot the bull,
But leave no bullet whole

And I can pour your Wine,
fill it up past full
On my Clairvoyant Voyage, to be
Adventuresome trouble seeker
All untold
Not bought never sold
I'm in my control

I can be the bull in your china shop
No bull
I could be the light,
be bright in your lull

Who knows whats in store
living's not a chore
Spark in the dark
incandescent noir
It can fall apart
Still you reach for the stars
Too many things I adore, You
And our rapport

I can be the bull in your china shop
No bull
Know I can run with Bulls

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Who's Preferred?

preferred provider?
prefer to be a survivor?
Know it all backseat driver
Fiery cold faced liar
You presume to know the answers
No need to inquire

preferred provider
prefers situation's dier

Preface your preferance
For the have's and have nots
Preface your menace
to preventative vaccines and shots

I prefer a healthy society
Americans leading the way
Universal Health,
Single Pay you nay say

Why not us?
We're true revolutionaries?
We should aspire to be better
Be evolutionary!

I feel you prefer to detour
from what could occur
entrepreneurs you prefer
We need a care transfer

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Crazy Mind!

(For what it's worth I recite/rap/sing this with a total reggae vibe. I effing love Reggae.)

My thoughts run wild till I pick up a pen

Then They Freeze


Standing at Attention.

Retention suspension it seems

Like Art, both light & Dark

Critical and Complimentary

They love to be free
- not chained to paper
So you see, I be, my own dictator

I am them, and They make me
Not tapered, steady spread evenly

And in my mind

I climb thee divine...(reflection of divinity)

My mind refined...(byproduct; pure clarity)

For Now I can See, within me, life's line has symmetry

You push, You Pull, You tumble, You Roll

Just depends on what's in your soul

Look deep at what's in your soul

Monday, August 24, 2009

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Little Grace

Today is my niece's first Birthday. I wrote this song for her and plan on singing it to her Saturday for her bday party! (Fingers Crossed)

When I ponder what it is to love, I cant help but think about family
All of us together for Mike & Maureen.
And we were there when you were born; all of us up at St. V’s
When you came into this world, so heavenly

Little Grace, Little Grace, I see the Divine in your Face
Please know how much I love you, Little Grace

It seems you’ll be young forever, but you will grow up someday
Please know how much I love you, Little Grace
And we will be there for every step, Helping out along the way
Guiding and supporting little Grace

And when I look into your eyes, they can light up the darkest skies
Please know how much I love you, Little Grace
And when I gaze onto your face, it can turn any night to day
Please know how much I love you, Little Grace

And when your laughter grabs ahold of me, makes me feel as though I can do anything
Please know how much I love you, Little Grace
And when storm clouds fully cover me, your the light shining on my face
Please know how much I love you, Little Grace

Little Grace, Little Grace, I see the Divine in your Face
Please know how much I love you, Little Grace

Mister Baseball

I started rapping this in line for Coffee the other day. It's for my buddy Eric Scriven who just got called to go play minor league baseball. Scriv's the shit, and he's out chasing his dreams inspiring me daily! Enjoy the read.

Mister Baseball
Mister Bat and Ball
Mister, I'm glad to see that you got your call

Late summer hanging out
Hanging on a mic
Beneath the stars w/ guitars
It's poems we recite

Freestyle rappin
to the strummin of the strings
Fingers snapping
Playing the drum on my knee

It's passed, but man, some goodtimes we had

Mister Strum-along
Mister come singalong
Mister, it's sure a joy to write you a song

Late summer and you're off
Off to the Midwest
Playing a game you love
As for competitors you're the best.

A true warrior
Warring your Will
Out to Joliet
With dreams to fulfill

On the field, the game you wield

Mister good time
Mister rap and rhyme
Mister, put all out and you will do fine

Glad thatcha came
Not mad that you're gone
Just comeback soon so we can put music to this song...

My friend. My Pal.
You're the man.
Player or Person
You know I'm a fan...

But also a friend, a friend till the end

Mister Baseball
Mister Bat and Ball
Mister, I'm glad to see that you got your call

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Health of Humanity

Right here amongst thee, in the land of the free
Greed Supersedes all those in need
You might agree, concept flawed to me
we leave those in need, in needless bankruptcy

It may not be a civil right,
like it is to read & write,
dont mean it's not right,
what about Human rights?

And when you've lost your way
When misfortune's met your day
When things dont turnout okay
Then will you see it my way?

You dont tie the tie till the shirt is on
And you dont button your pants till after you put 'em on
And you dont play the hit till you write the song
And the night dont end till the sun says its dawn

And you just roll your eyes an yawn, and say...
Somebody's gotta be the pawn, well...
I dont wanna be your pawn, no no....

The sick on our soil, ignored, left foiled...

As our elite-elect pick-n-select how exactly t’shell-out the spoils

It may not be a civil right,
like it is to read & write,
dont mean it's not right,
what about Human rights?

You dont tie the tie till the shirt is on
And you dont button your pants till after you put 'em on
And you dont play the hit till you write the song
And the night dont end till the sun says its dawn

They say in chess, at times, ya gotta give up a pawn...

There's an order of Operations...
It dont take no fancy calculations
We just need to take of the sick..
In Our proud Nation, In this proud Nation...

Go and turn your back to strife,
you'll survive, but see, to me, it's more
Its another human's life

Your (socialist) paranoia,
t'change, thrown 'round like loose change,
ya know, It might just destroy ya.

But Please, for me, just try to see, Please just ponder the plight
Cuz Madam & Mister we're all brothers and sisters
Health care (to me) should be a HUMAN RIGHT!

How can we just sit there and watch, watch it like the clock,
calm, As one of our own, alone, sits there and rots
How could we just watch and stare, stare indifferent at care,
apathetic, As one of our own, sick alone, seeks treatment with prayer

And when you're in need of care, go and care away
Left dying, wondering if Heaven's got a co-pay

You dont tie the tie till the shirt is on
And you dont button your pants till after you put 'em on
And you dont play the hit till you write the song
And the night dont end till the sun says its dawn

But you just roll your eyes and yawn....

Sure call me a socialist, As we stand together on this socialist encroachment
Ya know, the road, our road, the same road, both leading us home
Pick up a phone and call someone in the know

How 'bout moral accountability, for us to live civilly
We're only as strong as our weakest link
You point to financial burdens, and how things will worsen
Get Worse? Is that tongue in cheek?

Funds are ample, says our budget for Bombs
bombs, come before health?
Sleep shade Blinders on, go on and singalong,
Killing, killing in stealth

How 'bout bombing the system...?
Ya know, "the system," the system that missed ya

It may not be a civil right, but what about Human rights?
Since when's a life not a life? For real, is a life now not a Life?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Here's my ode to MJ I wrote a few weeks back. It's okay, not great.

Michael Joseph Jackson
Your name to be echoed Forever
Dance moves Defying Gravity
Feet made of Feathers

Top of your Toes
Yelling a Squeal
Hat Tossed post spin
Site so Surreal

Flawed all the same
Lord knows he had demons
Childhood amiss
For this young singing phenom

Ya know I’ve sung all your songs
I've Moved to your groove
Done the Robot & Moonwalk
Mimicked every dance move

The King of Pop
The Entertainer so Divine
You Changed Music Overnight
Like Jesus w/ Water & Wine

At “Motown 25”
In Nineteen Eighty Three
You Shocked the whole World
Changed the Entertainment Industry

“Yesterday, Today, Forever”
Displayed Dance moves never seen
Debuting the Moonwalk
While performing Billy Jean

Inducted two times
Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame
13 number one hits
A career of acclaim

The Jackson 5
w/ Marlon, Tito, Jack & Jermaine
And You the Star
Center of the Stage

No time for a childhood
You’re a victim too
Abused by Joe
But your actions I won’t excuse

(off to)

Never Never Land
Starring Peter Pan
His life you lived
With one glove on your hand

Taking off from Gary
With Adolescent Demands
Waiving that sparkling glove
To adoring fans

Never growing up
Your Life a Fantasy
Face Plastique
Via Rhinoplasty

Skin Bleached White
PR Blunders
Thoughts behind your actions
We would wonder

But an MTV mainstay
“Bad” & “Smooth Criminal”
“Dirty Diana” & “Thriller”
All unbelievable

“Off the Wall”
Simply Fantastic
Dead at age 50
New so Tragic

You're Far From Perfect
I have to say
But I won’t overlook
the Philanthropy in your name

You’ve supported many causes
Made umpteen donations
All profits from the Dangerous tour
Went to the “Heal the world Foundation”

Neurotic No Doubt
Obscurely Eccentric
Dressed up in Costumes
And in Jewelry so expensive

Faux Cast
- Wind Machines
Excessive awesome
- Every theme

Egyptian to Gangster
Leather to Love
Zombie to a Mirror
Signature Sequined Glove

Though it’s all over now
The show’s finally come to a Stop
But to the World you will always be
"The King of Pop"

Thoughts Meet Paper

I wrote this one yesterday afternoon. I think b/c I've almost felt paralyzed by all of my unfinished writing, both on this blog and in my various notebooks. Anyway, this ones okay so I'll throw it up on the blog.

Too many thoughts on my mind
Cant keep Rhythm, I cant find my rhyme
Head be damned, Thoughts in a Jam,
Slammend on a overload,
Where my thoughts call home.....ya know they just might explode.....

But to alleviate my anxiety
I breathe deep & quietly
Long & steady not short & violently

I need to find my center
I need to find the ground
I need to find my purpose
I need something profound
I need too much
I need to be content
I need to need less
Needing is wreck-less
I need no blind fold
I need to see
Needing lends a faux halo
And I only need me

Moral attachment extend and imaginary Vail of attraction to which we desire!!!
(to which we desire!!!)

Inside I'm:
A burning FIRE
A tight rope Wire
A Towering Spire
With a heart made of briers!

Inside I'm:
A cold faced liar
A man you'd admire
A man you'd hire
And a man you'd fire

And I'm inspired
By a being who's higher
by a man who's retired
or the singing of a choir

You know I'm dire
Filled w/ muck and mire
too much attire
Feeling like I might expire

I need to find out why, why I'm still here
I need more in this life, then to just persevere
Maybe for a while I should just disappear!
My escape, will help me engineer?

My greatest obstacle is still my fear......

Okay that's all the rapping for now, I'm sure I'll change this a few times. I always do.

Monday, July 27, 2009


In the heart of the Rockies
In the continents Back Bone
Exists a magical Land
Impossible to Clone

Wild flower fields and Glacial Lakes
Carve by ice with natures Grace

Vistas so vast they find you humble
In awe of this earth, this glacial jungle

Glacial Deposits over Granite Cliffs of Waterfalls in this land of bliss

Magenta shades and Turquoise stones
fill up these streams with Pastel tones

Glacial Crown
Jeweling Peaks
each direction yields unique

Glaciers melt in the land they form
In their impression these lakes are born

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wave of Life

Here’s my typical overstated preface:

Okay, so I'm a major musical novice. I like to write poems and come up with jingles though, so as shown on my blog, that is something I've "resolved to take more seriously." My writing has forced me to explore music in a way that I otherwise would not have. So there's another awesome, healthy, byproduct of trying to formulate my inner monologue on paper, or in this case, my blog. So with that said, I've got a looooooooong way to go, but, I'm beginning to make baby steps in my attempt to fully wrap my mind around the beautiful gift that music is. Last night I feel like I had a baby, minor, little breakthrough on some remote, insignificant level. Not earth shattering by any means, but it's those 'breakthroughs' that are currently serving as my reward in my literary/musical adventure. (Like a pristine Vista after a long hike.) I have a little sample recording of the chorus that I can barely play on my guitar, (I'm just pumped I'm getting to the point where I can write the notes too, whether I can play them perfectly or not.) I can almost get there with the right pace for this song, I'll be pretty happy when I can. If I keep my focus at the level its been at lately I should continue to make these so called "breakthroughs" more frequently. (Yay!!!) And finally, thanks to all who have emailed and left comments. Those are like food for my creative soul. Just recognizing that you read my poem and thought it was enjoyable, helps build my confidence, and with my confidence, I believe my abilities grow as well. All comments are Welcome!! (Side note: I think I’m so eager for feedback b/c I recognize this isn’t something all of my friends will share an interest in. Nor should they, I like that I have a diverse network whose interests vary vastly. But if you enjoy reading my stuff let me know, cuz I appreciate it.

I’ve been practing this rift for over a week and I figured I might as well come up with something solid to start singing with it.

And lastly, to move onto the theme, I wrote this last night. I was texting with an old friend when I mistyped a word, but instead of it looking like j#lrmEO or some other nonsense, I found the word “Kermit” capitalized and all, on my screen. Which is my Grandpa’s name, (Dad’s Dad), so I retyped the msg and took it as a sign that I should put down my fiddle and pick up my pen. I thought I’d try to transcribe my admiration I have for my Dad, and how his loss and other setbacks in his life helped forged him into and invincible human being, (seriously though, Mike D is straight up bad ass, don’t ever forget). So I picked up my pen but the only words I could hear were the words of my Dads rarely seen sensitive side. I could hear him telling me, with words beyond sincere, how incredible of a human being he thought I was, and how he believed I could do absolutely anything in this world. Believe it or not, the conversation I was playing in my revision took place in the Sportspage on my 26th birthday. We went there for lunch, and no, this was not a drunken emotional convo – we had no beer, it was just my Dad telling me he loved me in his own way. So with that said, I wrote this song to everyone who believes they are destined for true genuine, honest, earth shattering greatness!! (Or believed they were and are currently amidst it. If that’s you, you’re a straight up badass – congrats!!) Further, the simple metaphor is the ocean is life and you have to learn to ride it, in this case I’m thinking about surfing. Let me know what you think!!!!

I will definitely add more to this, particularly since it’s something I can sorta, almost, depending on the moment, play with some confidence.

The chords are G, D, Am, C

Rip Curl
Big Girl
I'm ready to go
To Catch my Wave
And Get on with Show
To Catch my Wave
And never Plateau

Rip Curl
Big Girl
I'm saying Hello
I've paid my dues
You reap what you sow

Rip Curl
Big Girl
I'm ready to Blow
Onto the scene
I said I'm ready to go!!

To Live this
Is to float the Ocean

Riding the commotion

Still looking
To catch my
To catch my big wave

So I share
my poems
and try to live life brave

See I strongly
In this big strong Sea
Cuz Life is
A battle
So I paddle strongly!!
Gonna ride my
Ride my
Life on this board
It's the ride
The ride
that is the reward
Rip Curl
Big Girl
I'm ready to go
Am C

To Catch
My Wave
And Get on with Show
Am C

I say this a lot, but more to come!!!!

P.S. I have a shitty recording of me playing just the chorus last night (all by myself). And if you're interested in listening to it, ask nicely, and promise to be open minded to it's potential; I might email it you!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cold Blood.

Let me first start by saying my parents are amazing people.

I know it's an obligation as someone's child to honor your parents with a blessing like this, but to me this is far far beyond that. I look up to them and feel lucky to do so. It is an absolute treasure to truly admire your parents. Again, they are amazing, resilient, and determined, driven, individuals who have found a beautiful symmetry in one in another.

Going deeper, let me add that they both were unfortunate enough to lose their Father's, early in their respective lives. When my Dad was eleven his Dad, Kermit, died of lung cancer. That poem will come another day. This is about my Mom's father Robert Roy Edwards being murdered in Cold Blood, by Larry Hutchinson, for a $400 car. Like all of my writing, my details are specific and accurate, outside of "muggy" everything here is based on what I've been told. For the record, the story just feels muggy to me, so I wrote it that way. Additionally, I have to add, this is a very VERY sensitive subject in my family, (still to this day). To the point where I'm not sure if it's okay if I write this blog. If my Mom is not okay with it I'll be taking it down. This topic has been so off limits my entire life to the point that I didnt even know all the *specifics* until I decided to write this. It was (and still is) impossible for my Mom to talk about - which is beyond understandable. She did oblige and give me some necessary details for this song. Which only further solidified my understanding of her experience. And I hope this doesn't sound arrogant, but writing this poem has helped me further understand my Mom's inner anguish. Wow she is a beautiful Woman - I love you Mom! I remember being about 9 years old and lying in my parents bed, it was just my mom and me. I think I slept in there b/c my Dad was out of town, maybe not though. Anyway, I remember asking her about this topic and her getting emotional about it (again, beyond understandable). I remember her fighting off tears and telling me she couldn't talk about it. I think it was the first time I realized my Mom was human.

More: when I wrote "The Pen is mightier than the Sword" I really wanted to write this song but I didnt have the necessary details. And while both songs are on the somber side, it's not that to me. It's more that those are two sensitive place in my person and I only wanted to venture into them when I felt ready as a writer...eee...ready or not here I come!

Further, I've scared myself as a kid trying to imagine the tragedy both of my parents had to endure. It's no wonder they found a compatibility together that they couldn't with someone who couldn't relate to that experience.

Interesting: I remember when I was in fifth grade, my Grandma Marge came over to the house and gave my mom a taped together note from when she was 15, her father was murdered when she was 12. She wrote a letter to her Mom (my grandma) expressing her pain, and their struggle to regain normalcy. I remember one line reading, "We both lost a man we love," it was very powerful, particularly when imaging the strife my Mother was enduring at such a young age. Needless to say, I think my Mom had some wild teenage years as a byproduct of dealing with a murdered father. Anyway, my Mom never gave the note to my grandma. She tore it up into tiny pieces and threw it away. My Grandma found the note, taped it back together and saved, giving it to my Mom 30 years later.

One last thing: Please understand any hyperbole I use with regard to anger, in this note or any other. I dont keep those emotion convenient, I try to live happily. However, writing is an insane journey to me. I've explored and surpirsed myself, and by doing that I've had to touch on some unhealed wounds. I say this with regards to this poem, the one about me being stabbed, and the unwritten ones about my experiences I have kept stored in my head.

One thing I liked what my Mom said when she volunteered alot of info in this discussion, is that, she believes in looking forward. So do I. You have to. And I try never to live in revision but I believe in analyzing my past experiences to lear from them, obbviously. This poem though doesnt even pertian to that.

One last thing; when I curse in any of my songs, I'm not singing those words angrily. Well, at least not in this song. It's soft and the words are used more to surprise you. Think about a curse word in a Lisa Lobe song, that's how I be.

More More More - I write my poems way longer than necessary, b/c they can always be hedged down later and pillaged. So if you're like some people and think they're too long that's only b/c when the words are flowing I don't turn them off, I'm just putting all of it out there for later. Holler.

(I wrote this up in Montana but it will definitely go under some major overalls. I need to sleep on it more. But I figured I'd publish it now and try and get some feedback.)

And FINALLY, I wrote this with "Hurricane" by Bob Dylan in mind, if that helps you imagine the flow of the song. It's not to the same melody or anything, but the same in delivery.

Muggy Summer Night
August Eleventh
Southwest Portland
Nineteen Sixty Seven
A Father lost Forever
An Angel Sent to Heaven

This 22 year old boy, This Bad Young man
Come to buy a car, but left his scratch in Salem
So they plan to go....
Go on down the road
To pick up the Cash
cuz the deal's closed
Oooohhhhh....and just so you know…
Margery said she would follow
Oooohh...grab Jeanne and head on down the road
It made sense,
It’d simplify the trip
But they suddenly left
w/o saying a blip

Oh Oh...and just so you know...
A life of memories you done Stole....


Mr. Edwards -- Robert Roy
A Father you stole, from two daughters and a boy
And Margery Lucille
God Rest her soul
Left to raise a family all on her own
A young widowed mother, Left all alone
Left without her husband to console

Off Forever, Never saying Goodbye
A family in shambles
And young Jeanne left to cry


Oh Man...Oh Larry!! I wish it was you that they had buried!!!
Oh Man...Oh Larry!! I wish it was you that they had buried!!!

Imagine the memories, that you robbed
40 years later, My Mom still sobs

He was selling a car, for his son in the service
He was a family man that in no way deserved this
Local Classifieds, He put out an ad
And in came the Devil with intentions Bad

And all for what?
A $400 car?
In hell I hope you burn like a fine cigar.
Slow and Steady -- Eternal Flame
I hope you burn a thousand years for each second of pain
That you've caused my family
Lana, Monte and my mother Jeanne
And even the grand kids and especially Margery

She stayed up all night
the night you took him away
I hope you know what you're facing on Judgment day

From 52nd, and Taylors Ferry
You stole a life, without a weary
An innocent man, left to be buried

For just that lil' red MG?
With a sporty racing stripe?
Another human being had to give their life?
For a $400 car?
You left a family in strife

Your actions a wave, every year's been a ripple
Through the rest their lives, this moment's trickled

How could you even accomplish that task?
Burn in Hell you sociopath

After only twelve years, in the state prison
Now a free man, living free in Lebanon

And only twelve years, for stealing a life?
That's hardly describes "paying the price"
So keep your fingers crossed
Cuz if we ever see your face
I guarantee, your life we will erase

But that's just my anger, talking aloud
Strumming my ego, being a man for a crowd.

I'm far beyond that, I believe in one common love
But what you have done, cannot be undone
In the heart of this family, You thoroughly stung.

Fatherly obligation, selling off the car
The end result, was you committing cold blooded murder.

Larry Hutchinson, you sunovabitch, you sunovagun
What were you thinking when you murdered someone??
Oh Man...Oh Larry!! I wish it was you that they had buried!!!
Oh Man...Oh Larry!! I wish it was you that they had buried!!!

Following Monday, found by the boys in blue
With the stolen car and murder weapon too
Holding out, legally stalling
Plea bargain comprises are appalling
2nd degree murder, to give up the body
Like the twilight zone, reality shoddy

Murder in cold blood, you killed a man
My Grand Daddy you shot with a gun...
Murdered in cold blood by Larry Hutcinson

I never met my Grand Dad, due to your selfish Actions
Cold Blood on your hands. Where the fuck was your compassion?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sumfin' to Strum to....

At Charlies instruction, I've been practicing singing while practicing the guitar. Sometimes I'll recite one of my poems or freestyle if I'm not practicing a specific song. I came up with this the other day on the lake, and halfway through decided it was worth writing down. I might do something more with it later. But for now, here it is.

Out on the boat w/ my notes and my instrument
Putting words to these chords in my musical experiment
Now I'm strumming a rift and I'm keeping my time
While reciting a poem - singing my rhyme

Bob Dylan cant sing, it's no big deal
But he too has power in his words, lyrical appeal
To be a powerful songwriter, I too aspire
Because Mr. Bob Dylan, I do admire

Now I'm swaying with the water, it's creating the rhythm
And I'm here in this moment, you know that's a given

Breeze on my back - Sun on my Face
The Rockies my Vista - By water with Grace
Whitefish, Montana - what a treasured place
Like God himself came down and scooped out the Lake
Forming the land, his hand, it's fate
Carving out valleys, Giving mountains their shape

Swan Ridge in the distance - It is So Imposing
Rising from the Valley like a tectonic Trophy

These Green Fury Hills look like an emerald blanket
B/c Tall proud trees grow from every embankment
If I could do anything, I'd make no changes
With this creation, Mother nature made a Statement!!!!

I love this powerful sun, in this thin Mountain air
If joy was a currency...... I would be a millionaire........

This is the place
The place for me
Whitefish, Montana
Right where I wanna be

The end.

Plastic is the Devil

Here's my ultra hippy granola eating poem fresh off the grill. Just wrote it out on the lake, and in all honesty, plastic is sketch and we should all try to use as little of it as possible. It's obviously unavoidable at times, but I'm just trying to spread awareness!! And this is going to sound really radical, but there should be some drastic government intervention on this matter. We have the ability to make soy plastic that is biodegradable, but instead, we keep making normal plastic that is going to be hanging out with the cockroaches in a baziillion years. (Sigh.) And I'm sure someone can (and maybe will) tell me how much it'll cost businesses and how we cant afford it...blah blah blah. We have the technology, lets find a way to make the most out of it. Further, if you're unfamiliar with the fact that there is two gigantic (texas-size) plastic trash piles floatin in the Pacific, please Google North Pacific Gyre.

Grocery store: Plastic or paper?
Do me a favor and please say the latter.
Sea, plastics the Devil, and it's know laughing Matter

Out in the Pacific, On the Sunsets Mantel
There's a garbage pile, Floating trash channel.

Bigger than Texas and loaded w/ Debris
Scary to learn about what's floating in the Sea
Plastic Bags and Rubber Tires
Flood this place, The North Pacific Gyre
It's baffling to me, and crazy to think
No one's batting an eye, or making a stink
But I certainly care, I find it appalling
Plastic Bags, we should start recalling

Plastic Bags, they wont biodegrade
Plastic in general, is a crime and shame
And Plastic Bottles, are too to blame
From All Plastic, we really must abstain

You will never hear me say again
"plastic please"
Cuz I'm Mother Natures Friend

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Pen is Mightier than the Sword...

I just wrote this one out on the lake and came in specifically to type it up. It's a somber Johnny Cash-type song. I've written a few other notes this week that I'll be putting up here, but they need to be tweaked first. This one took me literally about 8 minutes to write. The good ones usually are the easiest, at least in my experience. However, I will definitely be tweaking this one and adding onto it or something. And for what it's worth, this is the first time I've ever felt any anger come through in a poem. It felt justified though. And although there's anger in there, it's not violent anger. It's more just sad (if that makes sense).

Now this Big Old Boy
Was Deaf and Dumb
Tall and Dark
w/ no use for his tongue

But with his blade
His song was sung
And I wear the scars
That cant be undone
See on my body
these scars are hung
Stabbed in the back
Stabbed in the lung

You took a whole outta Me!!!!!!!!
But I aint going out that easily!!!
(no, no,

"Off with his head"
He must have thought
When he jumped and sliced
And thoroughly chopped
And over What?
A couple of girls?
Gonna use that knife to take me outta this world?

Jugular vein - barely spared
And you claim to be innocent, you don't even care
But I nearly died - Care you should
Fucking Rot in Hell Andre Hood


And Mr. Green, your little buddy
He can go too
At least I knocked him funny

And I dont get you, but you are a bad man
Writing a story, with a knife in your hand
My flesh your paper
My skin your notebook
And w/ that cursive you scribbled
My life you almost took

And they say "dont judge a book, by it's cover"
But I've read enough of you, to pity you brother


You claim you're the victim
Handicap Signing your buffer
In my opinion it should be
One eye for another.

You are a bad human
You define "No Good"
Fucking Rot in Hell Andre Hood

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


While I'm out here in Montana I decided to write a country song. This idea may prove to be genius b/c 1) Country songs are corny 2) I'm corny and 3) you can make a country song about anything, like spilling your beer. (Which I would never do b/c I like beer, but if I did, I might write a country song about it.) Also, I could be wrong but I think successful country songs are built around a lot of repetition and familiarity, (like most pop), simple enough. The chorus is the song.

It was funny writing this b/c I had to fight the urge to think with my mentality, and instead rely on my newly developed "country mentallity." For the record; I can get down with anything, but I'm not country at all.

This song has a pretty straight forward 1-2-3-4 country rhythm. Anyway, turn on your twang and enjoy!

Now, I've drove home after one too many...
I have regrets, made mistakes aplenty...
I aint got much - dont got much money..
Coulda saved more, shoulda pinched my pennies...
But I'm here at home out in the country...
Lord...Take. Me. Home______
Lord...Take. Me. Home______

Now I've gambled too much
good times sure are spendy
At the tavern
drinking bourbon whiskey
Put it on my tab,
sure it's getting hefty
No excuses
but My wallets empty

I'm so sorry, should I stay or should I go_____

Now, I've drove home after one too many...
I have regrets, made mistakes aplenty...
I aint got much - dont got much money..
Shoulda saved more, coulda pinched my pennies...
But I'm here at home out in the country...
Lord...Take. Me. Home______
Lord...Take. Me. Home______

Yeah, we're shit kickin
havin a good time
Texas Two steppin'
Square Dancin' on a line
Now, I've done alright
and I've done just fine
Gonna get some,
Gonna get me mine

Is a good, time, a, crime____???

Now, I've drove home after one too many...
I have regrets, made mistakes aplenty...
I aint got much - dont got much money..
Shoulda saved more, coulda pinched my pennies...
But I'm here at home out in the country...
Lord...Take. Me. Home______
Lord...Take. Me. Home______

I'll prolly add onto this one, so check back. And who knows, maybe one day I'll sing me some country.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Self Realization

Not sure when I started writing this one to be honest. I found it in my notebook yesterday and thought it was okay, so I added some on at the end. I'd make a big prize for anyone who could guess the end of the original, and the start of the new, but nobody reads this blog anyway so there's really no point.

Your Time your own
Dont let me take you away
From any of the plans that you've made today

But when you have a chance
There's something I'd like to share
It's allowed me to give up my worries and forget about my cares.

I'm not claiming I'm enlightened
I'm just finally Me.
You see, I see life so simply
Live and Let be

I'm far from perfect
Flawed in too many way
But "Yoga makes you who you are"
Bikram always says

And I'm only one me
But I know how I care
About life beyond me
Real life worldly affairs

See, the compassion in me
Has grown like a seed
Flourishing Freely
Almost like a weed
But never a nuisance
I am my own heart
I can say "I've been there before -
I am not w/o scars"

I've worked to grow
and challenge my depth
Making time for myself
To develop and self reflect

Evolution of myself
Through thorough contemplation
The result is before you in my Self Realization.

Drambuie Letter

Here's a letter I wrote a year and a half ago for the Drambuie Pursuit.

(If you're asking yourself, "what is the Drambuie Pursuit?" You are not alone. Go here:

A buddy of mine, Jesse Peralta, who I worked with at the time told me about this race/contest in Scotland he'd entered, and how he wanted me to be on the team. He showed me a video, told me it was free, and although I was skeptical it was real, I was in. Jesse asked me to write the entry essay, which was a given since he'd stolen my xmas evite verbatum two months prior and used it for his own party, and then sent it to me - ha!

I wrote this letter the last afternoon it could be submitted (true procrastination). Also, I wrote a version before this that somehow got deleted and I (we) sorta freaked out b/c it was within the hour. But I still knew what I wanted to say and was able to take a whole different approach. And while this letter isnt great, I like it better than the first copy that was lost. Lesson learned: sometimes it's better to start over from scratch on the same idea.

FWIW, I remember deciding I was only going to write one solid page and submit it, people like brevity. (Note: this is my blog so I dont have to be brief. )

2008 Drambuie Pursuit

Date: January 25th, 2008

To: Doug Morris & Giles Hanson

From: Mason Davis – Pursuit of Glory

Re: Drambuie Pursuit

To Doug & Giles,

I’m sure a selection process like this is daunting; and probably not much fun at all. But your job should be a little easier now; you definitely have a keeper here.

Now I’m sure you’ve heard every excuse why [insert random team here] is the perfect choice for this event, but we really are. Why? Because we’re from the Pacific Northwest and we live for this stuff. We’ve been raised in the rivers, oceans, gorges of this region and eat this stuff up all year long. Put us on a glacier, in a wave, on a rapid or out in the high desert on a trail and one thing I can promise you is, you’ll see us grinning; guaranteed. Plus, we plan on taking a team approach, a team approach designed on one principle – winning.

Now, being that we are a “team” that means we exemplify, but are not limited to the following: cool handshakes, team chants and celebratory dance moves. Plus, we’ve got a set of killer smiles – seriously!

In all seriousness, we really are eagerly awaiting the good news from you – which is our acceptance.

Our team looks at this as an amazing opportunity, and for that we thank you. But, we also look at this as a viable victory, and for that we beg you. Give us a chance to represent Oregonians and you will not be sorry.


Mason Davis

PS - Here are some articles off espn outdoor. When they were first written they were on the main page of "what's hot" feed, or something like that. It even had the pic of me looking off that bluff for the logo icon. Pretty tight. Plus they drop my name a few times in the article so read it!!



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Sunday, July 12, 2009


Okay, I wrote this last summer in an attempt to cheer up a friend, who is a girl, and had recently broke up with her b/f. I included the whole email to put it in context. This one makes me laugh though, I think b/c it takes me back to July 2008.

Hey Nichole!

I thought I'd write you a note and let you know that I'm sorry to hear about you and your boyfriend. It's obvious you broke up with him for me (us) but it doesn't make transitions like this any easier. In all seriousness, I really am sorry -- breaking up sucks even if you know it's for the better.

You're number one in my heart!!


Perfect by design
from top to toe
smarter than a scientist
with looks that glow

Don't worry about the distance
that separates our hearts
who could care about the miles
when I've loved you from the start

Give me that longing chance
to prove I can be your guy
I'm finally spilling my heart
I cant keep living the lie

Just look at our first first initials
yours an N and mine an M
they're sitting together in the alphabet
and I think they too are more than friends

We could get married in America
atop a mountain or in a stream
humor this kid for a moment
let this poor boy dream


Off on an aeroplane

This song might be the hardest to convey with just the written word. I hear it in my head with lots of instruments, back ground singers and a funky blues-type beat. I sing this song to myself all the time, it's one of my favorites. Brian and I have recorded this song a few times, I might add an audio link to an acoustic version of the song later, so you can get the feel when you're reading it. Also, I think this song has tons of potential but I need to refine it. I probably wont post all that I've written for this song since the latter material is too rough.

(Intro - Spoken)

I really need to get outta here and I intend to make that very clear....

(Music!! Lots of glorious Music!)


Off on an aeorplane
Never comin' home again
I'm taking off this weekend
Gonna miss my friends

No Plans of trying to settle down
My home'll have the name of many towns
I intend to stay on the move
It's my hearts desire and I wont make a truce...
I'll be all over the place
Everywhere but outter space...

(Chorus once)

My first Stops in India...
Where I'll be studying Yoga...
Then it's south to Australia
after a stop in Malaysia
Like I said, I'm gonna miss ya...
But I'll be so busy
So many places I need to see..
On my wayfaring journey
no need for an itinerary
Traveling answer my hearts query..

(chorus twice)

Then it's off to Egypt
So I can see a pharoahs crypt
And all the pyramids
It's gonna be fantastic
Cant wait for this trip
From there I plan to visit
Every country in Europe
I'm gonna have a good time
In France, drinking fine wine
Ya Know me, gettin' outta line
Dont worry - I'll be just fine
Just think of me when you see road signs
Cuz on the road is where I wrote this rhyme
See, I've already left now...
Cant stop me-i'ts too late..
Bought my ticket-passed through the gate...
It's behind me now
The road's my fate


Boarding a night train
New Destination I cant complain
I know I might be crazay
But I've set out to live all my days.
In as many ways
as I can do possiblay

Drinking in the Czech Republic
And boy I've had the best luck
You see I met some ladies
Who are pretty fond of me
And I make no apology
Since I'm after all I see.
Oh man what a wild
All over shooting from the hip
I think I've been here too long
I'm taking off to HOng Kong
From the jet writing my song...

Okay. That's all for now. The main reason I'm posting this unfinished version is so I'll finish it. It's been in notebook for a while and I realized today that I could easily lose or damage that notebook. So yeah, I'm in Montana and I'm going back out to play.

Check back soon!


Magic Little Spot

I found this spot with Blake up in Washington Park back in May sometime. It's a choice little secluded area of the park that I think most people dont know about. We did Yoga there a few times and I've since gone back to write and read. I wrote this up there. It's not one of my favorites or anything, but whatever.

This place seems so familiar
Like you've been there before
The Smell - The Plants
The exact same grass floor
You recognize the distinctions
You know it's touch, taste, texture and much more
It's proxy close to the rose gardens, Tennis Courts and reservoir
But more secluded; even private
Nothing like up by the store
Perfect for a date by yourself
Or any mental chore
Not a bad campsite either
Subtle sloping grade
Open for the sunshine
With oppurtunities for shade
I could even evisions this place
For quite the little bash
With Frisbee Sticks, Friends and Music
And maybe a little stash
It could be quite alright
I guess it all depends
Serenity or Calamity
It's your choice in the end...

Ashley Ashley

Okay, I wrote this one a couple months ago for this girl Ashley I was hanging out with at the time. I have mixed feelings about posting this one but I like the poem, and that's why I created this blog, so I might as well. Needless to say, Ashley and I dont talk anymore, she must not have liked the poem much. Ha! (Hi Ashley! Just in case you found my blog.) Further, the version I'm posting now is a little different than the original. I made some modifications putting it to music with Charlie - that funky little red headed guitar player I live with. And finally, to explain the theme; Ashley is currently in art school school studying design/marketing. You should be able to figure out the rest. Enjoy! (And maybe, possibly, if you're bored or something, leave a comment since my blog doesnt have any yet!)

Ashely, Ashley
Just who might you be?
A cute girl - yeah
A Fine lady - for me...

Fashionably Savvy
With a Penchant for Design
Out on the town
She's dressed to the nines...

She's Sassy & Swank
Devising all Ways
Chic & Complete
Like a fine Cabernet...

Up in her heels
Full of Ambition
The runway's an instrument
She's the musician
Composing each Verse
Note and every lyric
Of this sweet little ballad
She wrote with her spirit

The song is a hit
A Smashing Success
The crowd Raves with applause
As she gives them her best...

Oh..what a show!
Her Designs were Fantastic
Clean and Contemporary
But timeless and nostalgic

Now it's been just a few weeks
Since I first saw her face
We chatted it up
Like there's no time to waste

So far so good
A budding admiration
Charging ahead
Seeking your approbation

I've worked for your laughs, smiles and glances...
Hoping that maybe you'll tolerate my antics....

Friday, July 10, 2009

Ode to Obama

I wrote this a couple months ago. I've tinkered with a little and almost thought of starting over from scratch. I still might which is why I'm posting it now, so I'll have it in this form before I hack it up and recycle it. It can probably be sung, but it definitely starts as a rap (to me).

Let me know what you think.

I cant read the paper
Check the blogs or watch the news
The sky is falling, I mean the market
Here I go off singing the blues

I don’t envy your position
You inherited a mess
You should blow up the system
And move the capital to the West.
Our laid back aptitude
Might suit you more than you’d think
Though you’ll be too busy fixing things
To even sleep a wink.

Like a Rockstar
You are a popular item
These times are turbulent waves
And you have no choice but to ride them!

We Believe in You!
And all that you do!
And all that you are!
Our country needs You!
To end this war___

Aspiring Health Care reform
I think it’s quite dandy
For a guy like me
It’d have come in quite handy

But with all the problems
On the Korean peninsula
And there incessant threat,
of a nuclear missile
Wont make any of this
In anyway easier
But you’re the right man for the job
You're a natural born Leader!!


And can you please find a way
To make our energy clean
I know you know how much
The environment means!

Domestic Innovation
For energy independence
No oil money for terrorists
and their JIHAD MOVEMENT!!!

You know we owe this
To our Rivers and Streams
And to Mother Nature!
She looks the best in Green.
This beautiful place
Of mountain’s and Valleys
My love for our country
I'm transcribing Verbally

In my ode to you and all that you do…

We Believe in You!
And all that you do!
And all that you are!
Our country needs You!
To end this war___

Now this last year's really been
A turbulent Term
But historic nonetheless
Kids will someday learn
And the history books
Will someday read
“The First Black President elected –


My Perfect Girl

Here's a little song I wrote the other day. As always it's a work in progress and subject to change. Let me know what you think, or if there's something that you dont get. The chorus is the name of the strings.

She’s a gorgeous lil Gal
Nice slender fret board
Bold Beautiful body
Her Skirt a pick-guard

She don’t know her weight
But she dances on the scale
Moving through Octaves
Like finger tips on Braille

Jumping her Frets
Like a runner over hurdles
Plucking her wires
Screaming, "Sing for me Girl!"

And oh when she sings
It’s a magnificent sound
Belting out her number
With a strap for a Gown

Just Six Strings and Me
Out on a date
Singing and Dancing
Acoustic Music our fate

Out by the fire
Swaying and Singing
Holding her tight
Harmonizing the evening

I call her:
(two count pause)

I don’t have to buy her presents
Dinner or Gifts
She never makes demands
Or “Honey-Do” lists

She never complains
Bickers or moans
Defines the term Sexy
Cuz she never wears clothes

I think I might be in love
She’s my favorite girl
Intimately mine
But known all over the world

She can sing country
Or Belt out the Blues
Rock-out with the Best
She’s Melodically infused


I tickle her neck
While strumming her strings
And she jumps with excitement
And lets out a scream

She speaks all dialects
Knows every lexicon
Sings in every accent
When she’s playing her song

Rockin’ Chords tough
Or picked soft with grace
Like stunning cheek bones
Inlays on her face

Yeah I'm Pretty sure I could
Spend the rest of my days
With just her and me
My Guitar my Soul Mate


(Out for) a Double Date
With her Friend Violin
And my buddy Cello,
We sound Amazin'

Carrying a tune
Courting these ladies
More instruments joining in
This Date’s getting crazy

It’s a full blown party
Everyone’s dancing
The drums and The Bass
Have a Jazz beat bouncin’

In walks Sax
With his whole Brass Crew
Horns start blaring
And the piano too

The percussion gang
has been setting the beat
Doing it right,
Moving people’s feet

Cymbals chime in
and Bells start ringing
I hear Clarinet hittin' notes
and Harmonica Singing

Our band’s infinitely pieced
And man we sound great
This is why I love it
when we go on group dates


To my Dear Friend Megan Roger Hampton

I wrote this to Megan for her 26th birthday. Everything in this poem is based on facts. Megan seriously had a dolphin ring.

Megan Roger Hampton: A confidant and a lifelong Friend

Ms. Paris’ Class
Sitting across from me
Ribbon in your hair
Wearing a Dolphin Ring

Friendship Established
Nineteen Ninety Three
Sixth Grade at Whitford
Hallway B

Mr. Maki, Mr. Riggs
Can’t forget Mrs. Baker
or the Goth “BJ”
Dressed like "The Undertaker”

You w/ James Steele
Or was it Gonzales?
Us little punks
Pretending to be lawless

Lynz, Steph, Erin, Allison and Liz
You, Whitney and us boyz, Crazy Kidz

Then onto High School
Nineteen Ninety Six
Green and Gold for a year
Then back in the mix

Back to BHS
Had all your old friends
Super Excited

But up on the hill
Come snow Season
Academy bound
Ski Passion The Reason

And some turbulent times
Too many Friends passed away
Fitz and Monahan
Gave reason to Pray

'99 State Champs
To Kris Tyacke’s Fall
Counselors flooded the campus
Every Classroom and Hall

High School Graduation
And you’re off to Eugene
Rooting for the Ducks
In your yellow and green

Ups & Downs
Cancer Party in Sunriver
Or Up at your cabin
Sleddin’ in the Winter

We made it though
Here we are!
Been friends all this time
I’ve just added a few scars

It’s been a fun ride
I’ll say it again
A lifelong Friendship
With Megan Roger Hampton!!

Tooth Doctor Guy

This song is for Andrew Laybourn. Andrew is one of my best friends and come this fall; a Dental Student at OHSU (WooHoo).

I was with Bone when he found he got into the program and I did what anyone would do, began singing a jingle, while dancing and celebrating! I then promised a complete song. So Bone, here it is buddy and again, Congrats!!!! There's probably zero chance anyone reading this will be able pick up the melody I have going in my head, but you might enjoy the ridiculous lyrics.

He got into_____
He got into_____

His Passion to be
Executing prophylaxes

Years of hard work
Discipline & Sacrifice
Paying your dues
And Paying the Price

One more round
Up on Marquam Hill
Up at Dental School
Perfecting your skill

Studying Coronal repair
And devising dentitions
these next four year
your doctoral transition

Aligned upper Centrals
A Perfect Occlusion
A master of your trade
A foregone conclusion

From “Mr.” to “Doc”
A whole new title
When Doctor Laybourn
Makes his arrival

Flossing so Fine
Fixing grins up
"Gettin' Dat Money"
Dont sound too rough

You w/ Dough
No pun intended
Calling you Doctor
Sounds so splendid

I'm proud of you bone
We've been through So much
You've helped me grow
Been there in the clutch

From 6th grade as Coachmen
And Four years at BHS
So many great times
But ahead is the Best

I've lived in your Basement
And gotten on your nerves
Been embraced by your family
And Gotten more than I deserved

So thanks I give
To Ross & Marylou
And to Chris & Greg
And especially you...

Maybe someday
I'll repay my friendship debt
Still Best Friends Forever
Never Forget!!!!

Jersi to be

I wrote this a few weeks ago for my friend Jeni Trimbee's unborn baby. You may recognize the last stanza from the poem to my niece, I stole it from there. Oops.

Jersi your name
But many monikers to come
Maybe toe head, blue eyes
Or anything fun

In Mommy’s abdomen
Resting away
From the date of your conception
Till your delivery day

Moving or kicking
Wiggling and shaking
While Mommy is napping
Her you keep waking

Growing so fast
At a miraculous rate
Jenny’s first born
Your predestined fate

Third trimester
Birth yet to come
It wont be much longer
Till your life has begun

My only request
To you & your generation
Be good to this earth
And her entire population

No one knows
Who you will grow to be
But raised right by your mother
Is a guarantee

Whichever path in life
You find yourself on
Be patient and honest
And most importantly strong

To Meg D on her Graduation Day

I started writing this on the drive down to Corvallis for Megs' Graduation. I finished it during the ceremony. Love you Meg!

A Proast to the alumnus
Diploma now in hand
Off to study abroad
Her ambitions so Grand

I can’t find all the words
To express my delight
You can stare down any problem
Triumph in any strife

Never cower
Never Waiver
And try not to fret
Your journey's now begun
Your life a treasure chest
And you the crown jewel
Outshining the sun
Like a priceless Ruby
Your parts exceed your sum

A good-time Gal
The life of any occasion
Collectively transcendent
Always the liaison

I love you Meg
I can’t express that enough
You can call on me for anything
At worst I'll wish you luck
In any of your endeavors
Adventures or passions
You can light up any moment
Like a magician performing Magic

Cap tossed
Gown worn
A chapter closed
Another open

Be Bold
But Stay Humble
And always keep your mind open

College over
For now
But always stay a student
Studying life's lessons
Be patient and prudent

I can’t wait to see
Your immaculate smirk
And congratulate you
On all your hard work

No longer my little sister
But a gorgeous grown woman
At the doorstep of your life
And your own personal movement

I’ve come with no gifts
No grandiose presents
Just my humble notes
That I hope capture the essence
Of my current admiration
For my favorite little sister
Please raise your glass in celebration
And give Megan your best wishes

Please accept these words
In lieu of monetary possessions
And know I’ll never hesitate to say
“I love you Megan!”

Self w/ a capital S

I wrote this sometime last fall/winter when I was feeling a little angst. Instead of getting angry I decided to write this. Good news! It worked. I chilled out.

To maintain my Balance, my Focus, and keep my Sane Mind in check. To Work hard, stay Driven and ignore detraction's - I Self Reflect. To never be fully satisfied, Always working to improve, work-to-Love, work-to-laugh, work-to-smile through and through.
But to be content. Love myself, and employ a humble disposition. To be patient and breathe deep, placing trust in my intuition. No matter what I lose, Always searching for upside. Once you know how bad it could be, it's not hard to keep your stride. Every moment's what you make. Each passing second in control. I'll stay Dedicated. Disciplined. And Diligent. As best I can. For my soul.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lazy Spring Day

I wrote this as a poem last Winter, then Brian Krichevsky and I recently added a chorus and made it into a song. Chances are you have no clue who Nichole is so dont even waste your time trying to figure it out. So I've included the chorus and the poem in it's native context - Enjoy!

Missing you like you miss me too
The Missing blues
Long Distance Truce
Sentence of Abuse
Got the missing you blues

A lazy spring day
relaxin' and laughin'
with this cute little blonde
we're singing and babblin'

As we cruise through the park
around Green Lake
talking about life;
what's real and what's fake

Holding hands
and maybe we're dancin'
acting like children
while we're out prancin'

all around
not a care in the world
it sounds so ideal
but so is this girl

We've got no direction
or places to be
I'm really enjoying this thought
about her and me

Now we've marched for a while
Whistlin' and skippin'
but this is all in my head
Nicole Grabler I'm missin'

Maybe one day
this dream could come true
but for now all I've got
is the missing you blues

To My Niece On New Years

To My Niece On New Years

As 2009 starts to begin
You're in my thoughts
I can see your grin

You're the sweetest niece
I could ever imagine
I'll do what I can
to be an uncle with passion
Helping you grow
and learning to give
all the love you could fathom
to help you win
The top of the podium
Always in first place
That's where I see you
I love you Grace

Who knows the person
you'll one day become
Probably the smartest, most beautiful girl under the sun

Whichever path in life
You find yourself on
be patient and honest
and most importantly Strong!