Thursday, February 18, 2010

See you in Hell Frashour...

Please work the equation from the other direction, I beg you.

Please see a life cease's to exist. A man is dead, shot in the back, and it did not have to be so. This fact needs to supersede any tolerance for procedural mishaps.
Look no further than your own hypocrisy for the root of this tragedy. You cant dismiss the "absurdity" of racist notions while you employ them in the same breath. Now it's my turn to roll my eyes; talk about absurdity, please...
That you expect me to tolerate such things is in its own right sickening, maybe you should reexamine who's the bad apple.
For one instance pretend it was me? And if in that instance you can look me in the face and say your blood would not boil with the rage of murder then I'll walk away. I will walk and I will never say another thing.
I will too, however, be sick to my stomach. I'll most likely have my hands full of respect that used to beam for you; a lifetime's worth...
No one ever said their job was easy, but that's what they signed up for. That's why they're in the line of fire... 
...And like the men who have sworn to protect us from fire, they too have a duty. Would we shrug indifferent if they employed the same seemingly "reasonable" fears? Last time I checked burning buildings kill people. What if they refused to rescue people because "they feared for their life"? This might seem ridiculous and provocative but it equates the same...doesnt it?
Love or hate the Reverend, it's not about him or his ego; it's about an unarmed man following police orders getting shot in the back with an assault rifle.
To even be complacent is wretched (remember the poem; "First they came"?) but to defend these actions is insane. So yes, dismiss me and I'll go off and wave my pitchfork, thank you...and NO, I'm not angry: I'm FUCKING FURIOUS!!

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