Monday, March 29, 2010

Fight Dog Fighting Dot Com is a medium to raise awareness and stop unnecessary Dog Violence.

The Goal: to take the "fight" in "dogfighting" to Dog; WHERE IT BELONGS! The days of Dog bullying Dog, without fear of repercussion, are a thing of the past...

Our Motto: ZERO Tolerance and LESS Compassion

We'll beat the shit out of Aggressor Dog AND Inferior Dog, LETTING EVERY DOG KNOW, that if they dont change their dog-ways, they'll be "dogged" next.

Think tough love, but minus the love.

Ahh...Nice try Deceiving Dog! But I know "Dogfighting" isnt the innocent sparring down at the health-club like you'd have us believe. You're ruthless, you know that Dog? What'd you say? Oh, just another retarded bark, that's what I thought.

Here's some other things to think about:

Awe, cute! If you ignore the dick germs and cat-shit on his breath, that is. Really, Dog? To a baby? That's messed up.

  *sigh* No Comment

Nice Kangaroo impression Arrogant Dog, but I'm not impressed. And by that unflinching whiff (of your own ass, sicko), I surmise your shit doesnt stink either. Great. All this while enjoying a snow-day, b/c guess what? Dog doesn't fucking work when it's snows, or doesnt snow, making everyday just another "dog day" in his vacation of a life.

Oh perfect, her nose and eye in one full swoop. Talk about a prick. Oh and let me guess, the centuries of Puppy Propaganda have her "enjoying" this! And why shouldn't she? I dunno,b/c Dog loves to eat cat-shit and lick his own dick. But hey, to each their own I suppose...

Oh sweet, somebody's ready for us huh? Well, you might look pretty fearsome Medieval Feudalistic Dog, but we will fight you Sir!! And newsflash dumbshit, your fancy armored suit was rendered useless, I dunno, like 400 hundred years ago. (Hint: Gunpowder.) You might trick some people Sir Dog, but not me...

And am I the only one sick of Dog masquerading behind euphemisms like, "Man's Best-friend"? Puhhleasse! Nobody wants some shit-hole sniffing, self-righteous prick, whose best trait is their ability to lick their own genitalia; as their BFF. (Go ahead Dog, pleasure yourself while you think no one sees you, real fucking cool Dog.)

Okay that's enough for now, from me at least. But I'd love for you to share your own stories (err..nightmares) about Dog exploiting his (what should be nonexistent) role in society.


  1. F'in hilarious mason. I love your attitude towards the dog kingdom. I do remember this discussion a while back. I'm glad you've come out with the details on your blog. Mason, the new found dog hater. Calling dogs out on what we deem is cute or doggish. Love it.

  2. I hate dogs. My roommates have dogs. I'm slowly poisoning them because they get hair on all my dark clothes...
    well, I'm really poisoning them because I hate dogs, but I feel dog hair justifies animal cruelty.
    (and that's not a swear word because shes a dog.)