Thursday, March 18, 2010

I wouldnt put that in there if I were you....

I'm all but 100% positive this is only funny b/c I'm still drunk from last night's St. Patty's day celebration....or maybe I'm just a sick sonuvabitch, who cares. But I love that I found multiple articles about this poor Bloke (not the guy in the image) who got his willy stuck in a steel pipe while I was prospecting this morning.

Who knew a "steel pipe" search would yield such ridiculous results?? I'd ask with the same sincerity, what in the world this Limey was doing, but we all know they're a bunch of sick, sex deprived, perverts stuck on an island, at this point, don't we? So thank you Universe for the much needed comic relief, and google for linking the article. You've made my day, now back to struggling through this formidable hangover, arggh.

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