Wednesday, December 16, 2009

On the back of our eyelids

with time an after thought
their still-shot series is shown
muted critics sit amongst fans
and w/ rapidity, view the stills in this still-shot slide show

it's the past, present AND future
Every high voiced through lows
its decored in an omnipresent technicolor with perfect clarity
all seen with eyes closed

every second composed through a million moments
every snapshot suspended in it's own context
we're alive like you were then, screaming "look, No hands!"
with lessons still learned, we're younger again, but we make demands

now with foresight afforded, is our path not the same....?
Can we decipher which components made us stronger, weaker?
does it even matter?
We matter. Yes. and we dont "accept" the inevitable
We are the inevitable and we've already found comfort in ourselves

So now light creeps through the cracks
between eyelashes it replaces the impression
calmness remains and we remain standing with our luggage in hand

every choice we've made is there stacked neatly along the curbs
Picket fences and weedless flower-beds fill out the shadow box neighborhood
every decision yet-to-be loiters up ahead

between the curbs and manicured yards we are
and not intimidated either
We stand and lean in, and smile between hiccuping laughter
The first noble truth was already accepted
and it's accuracy is comical...

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