Monday, January 11, 2010

He aint no Joe, He's Mike The Plumber!!!

And to clarify, I'm talking 'bout my big brother Michael aka Mike, Big Mike, The Bigger Mike, Grace's Dad or my all time favorite moniker; Wabado.  We could also refer to him as "Big Red" if we wanted to go by the spray paint graffiti that adorned our garage way back in '95.

Continuing on, this blog is of the promotional variety, specifically in the way of plumbing. It's a Plumbing Promo Blog, if you will.

My aforementioned brother is starting a plumbing business, so you should call him if you have any plumbing needs (503) 936-5618, or email him or use the facebook account he just started. Now, you might be thinking, "wait, doesn't his Dad have a plumbing business?" If so, you're correct, my Dad does indeed, so Wabado's initiative will  make me the only male in my family without one. Yeah, talk about being left out. In television terms my character would be cast somewhere in-between George Costanza and Paul Pfeifer from Wonder Years, inadequate and picked last for the basketball game, but I digress.  You might also be saying, "Good for him, but, I already know a plumber...and he's done great work for us," and I respect that. Honestly, I do. The only problem is, does your local plumber or handy-man-guy have a daughter this cute?

 That loves (and NEEDS) accessories this much?

And laughing this much?

While still being this pleasant?

Dont answer yet, take on more look below. See, she's an Angel!

If for no other reason, give Wabado your plumbing business so Grace can sleep this soundly for the many happy years to come. 

(Also, if you're thinking it's unethical for me to promote my brother's business prospects on the cuteness of his daughter, then I apologize.  I am always going to be pushing the likes of Grace, aka the World's Cutest Niece, and helping out my brother who, over the years, has done his best to keep me outta trouble (dont make a joke out of that), goes without saying.  Ah ha, so now you see it's actually quite symbiotic, huh?  Glad we're on the same page.)

So even if you have some less than urgent plumbing issue, you should take care of it now (before it gets worse) and help stimulate the economy in the process; or at the very least my niece's college fund.  Further, this isnt just about YOU and YOUR plumbing needs, (quit being so vain!)  My brother will gladly do GREAT work for your friends, family members, neighbors or colleagues. So again, call him [503-936-5618], email him, facebook him, or even go through me and I'll play a cross between formal secretary and ghetto-adolescent-drug-runner-in-da-hood, if you catch my drift.  Anything to ensure the world is a better place!  Lets face it, when we talk about 3rd world countries in need, "running water" is one of the first things mentioned.  So do your part and support plumbers here, specifically my Brother!!!

All of my lame jokes aside, I'm very proud of my big brother and love him very much.  He's setting out to pave his own path, in tough economic times no less, and I wish him all the best.  I speak on behalf of him, Maureen (his beautiful loving wife), Grace (no further intro necessary), and their dog Bruce when I say all of your support is appreciated!

Happy New Year!!!

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  1. Way to go, Mason! You're a great brother.