Friday, January 15, 2010

Tomorrow Becomes Today (version 2)

After a late night talk with a friend on Friday and my s

I wrote this song last Saturday after staying up way too late talking about Life, to put it shortly, the night before.

I could rap over an acoustic guitar
play the background of a backtown bar
But ya know that aint get us very far
Lets make real changes, not wishes on a star

Lets talk about clean drinking water
for the impoverished children starving
And certain things might be harder
making less go farther / we could all get smarter
After all / the planets getting hotter / we're deploying soldiers,
that's just for starters,
Lets take a hard look at all the hard things
Violence, hand guns, your blood diamond ring
What with all the exploitation
Raping other nations with no explanation
Just like a slave on the plantation
soveriengty is now a corporation
And I know I'm just one Mason
writing silly poems 'bout the problems we facing
But I see us all as one creation
I fell in love with love and it's since been amazing

Change Happens in the Funniest Ways
We all speak up tomorrow becomes today

Have we, all but forgotten
The homeless, Jobless, Hopeless downtrodden

Lets form a whole new committee
Each practice what we preach, its not enough just to pity
It dont matter if you farm or you're city
We're all earthlings and it aint all pretty
Lets take a little gander at hunger
bombs over foods and elected war mongers
I keep saying it's fear we need to conquer
knowledge is power lets get a little smarter
All of us could use a little less
conserve a little more and make a bigger difference
Juxtapose useless expense
With starved and deprived, it makes no sense
Loads of us, living lost in excess,
w/ Visa Mastercard American Express
might seem daunting, but no need to stress
own the moment, it's not hopeless

Change happens in the funniest ways
When we all speak up tomorrow becomes today

Undecided alternate verse
Have we, all but forgotten
The homeless, Jobless, Hopeless downtrodden
At times, you might think it's rotten
But someone's best day'd be your rock bottom
I know, it happens all too often
The best of ideals, get stomped & softened
Stay strong, you belong in your convictions
The world keeps spinning, we're all here to witness
But make you're not in your own way
As for making change, no day like today