Sunday, January 17, 2010


While you exercise your routine trepidation, I wonder aloud if it's in an attempt to show the universe, yourself, or your friends that you're trying?

While the mirror stares back and you groom yourself in agreeance, I wonder what pageant this is for.

While life chases, and you run, I wonder if you will ever trip and refrain from grasping at conveniences.

While angst consumes, and you clench, I wonder if you realize you just lost a passing moment.

While you turn up the volume to deafening levels, and recite the lyrics of inaudible distractions, I wonder if you ever truly listen to the beauty of existence; to silence.

While I watch you hide yourself from yourself, I wonder with concern if you'll hide it too well, as so it will never be found. I hope you will be revealed; and if so, when, and by whom?

While I sit back, knowing it's now your time, I pray the fiery intensity of your being will marry an equally vibrant curiosity; one that seeps from your pores.

When I see all the fortunes this life has found you in I wonder if you will ever truly realize your own fortune; if life, without tragedy, will humble you to the point of apologies. I hope you get to see the softer side of grace dance beside you like the Aurora.

I see you have so much strength, followers feed from it, but yet a crutch is still firmly placed under your arm while you ceremoniously skip to avoid limping.

I wonder if the centrifugal force generated by you affords you the feeling of being grounded, or you too are uncertain.

I wonder if the ramifications of this life will ever resonate with you in an alarming fashion. If you will ever wake up, see the sun rise before deciding to take over the world.

I dream that you will learn to build smiles from your deepest moments; that one morning your eyes open a little wider and you learn something from yourself before teaching it to all of us.

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